Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Yesterday (yes, I'm late with another post. I need to get my camera fired up. It's all about the pictures.) I was out in the middle of the traffic snarl about 5:00, sitting at an endless traffic light, waiting to inch forward so that I could make it to Hobby Lobby (shopping for Leisure Arts, no less). My hair was blowing in the gale-force wind coming from the inadequate air conditioner. And then I looked at the temperature thingy in my car. I've never had one of these before. I've decided these are a bad idea. I knew I was hot, but until I saw 101 on that thingy, I had no idea how hot I really was. Callers were sharing "This is how hot it is..." stories on the radio about the same time I'm pretty sure flames started coming out the top of my head. It's a good thing they didn't talk about the humidity. I might have stopped breathing, too.

I don't know who first settled around here, but I'm fairly sure they didn't do it in August. That would never have seemed like a good idea. They must have come in December. It seems like a really good idea to live around here in December.

Hurry up, December.

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