Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Emilie Richards' Lover's Knot

Isn't this a great cover? This is the third publication we've done to go along with USA Today bestselling author Emilie Richards' Shenandoah Album series. The first 2 novels were Wedding Ring and Endless Chain. I've now read all 3 books and I would recommend them all if you quilt, love quilting, or maybe just admire fabric (the way I do!). Our publications will tell you how to create some of the quilts described in the books. To find out more about the first 2 books and to see some very nice photography, click below.
LA April Newsletter spotlight on Quilt Along with Emilie Richards: Wedding Ring and Endless Chain (click me!)

This third publication has some really nice quilts and photography. The background for this page (you can see it, can't you? I'm just never sure!) is the Lover's Knot quilt described. I don't want to include any spoilers so I'm going to avoid any discussion of the book (I'd spoil it accidentally because I'm no good with secrets and I like to tell stories), but it does include some mystery, some romance, and some quilts. All 3 quilting books include excerpts from her books and character descriptions. They also provide pictures to go along with the stories!

To find out more about these books, Emilie Richards, her other books, and where she'll be appearing, you can go to her website at
If you're interested in buying our publications, the information for all 3 is below. You can probably find them in your local quilt stores. Lover's Knot will be available in June. To find Emilie's novels, try your local bookstore. The first 2 should be available in paperback.

#4220 Quilt Along with Emilie Richards: Wedding Ring
#4298 Quilt Along with Emilie Richards: Endless Chain
#3972 Quilt Along with Emilie Richards: Lover's Knot (avail. June)

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