Monday, May 01, 2006

Party in Paducah, Passing thru Piggott 1

Actually, most of the party takes place on the road to and from Paducah, but I liked the alliteration (you know, P's). Anyway, this was the 5th Annual road trip to the AQS quilt show in Paducah, and this year it was girls only-no boys allowed. We had a good time, and didn't see much of the monsoon weather predicted for the weekend. That makes this trip even more special because dry weather doesn't happen often on this weekend!

We always start out Friday night. Most of the partiers work here at Leisure Arts (or they used to), so it's easy to make plans to leave after work. We drive to Piggott to stay with family and then on to Paducah in the morning. The lack of sleep adds to the excitement, right? The recipe for a successful trip: 6 friends, 5 quilters (I use the term loosely for myself since I'm not sure I've actually "finished" a quilt) and 1 innocent bystander who we're trying to infect with the fabric addiction. So, all in all, we had 6 to start with and picked up 1 more in Piggott (and took her car, too, since 1 minivan can't hold 7 quilters, their projects, and their purchases).

We made it to the show around 10:30, where I took care of a little business first, then got serious about shopping. You'd think that by the last day of the show, there would be fewer people,'d be wrong. Since I don't do well in elbow-to-elbow crowds, a stroller behind me on my feet and a scooter in front of me beeping to begin the backing up,... I don't usually get lots of purchasing done. Like most people there, I have my favorite vendors where I make my yearly purchase. Then, when I get home, I add this purchase to last year's purchase which is keeping the purchases from years 1, 2, and 3 company.

Here's a picture of the group minus 1 quilter. Also, the innocent bystander is just a hair outline in this group, but I'll try to get a picture of her added too. (So, I'm not a professional photographer, but, really, how many pros have to snap a picture when all the models run away from the camera? I'm lucky I got any of them before they scattered in 5 different directions.)

P.S. Did you know that spell-check suggests "moonbeam" when you type "minivan"? Does that make any sense? If you type/spell that badly, I'm not sure even spell check can help, but I think I'm inspired by the minivan/moonbeam connection. I just have to figure what I'm inspired to do.

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