Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stitch In time

First Friday of every month...time for Stitch-In! I was the hostess this month and have spent at least a week trying to de-dog-hair my carpet, furniture, floors, walls, and any other flat or textured surface that dog hair might cling to. It was fun and, as usual, I stitched...nothing. But the food is good and the conversation is lively, although it seemed a little restrained this time around. Of course, the tour of the new houses in the 'hood took up some of the evening. In honor of the occasion of a nearly clean house, I'm posting pictures of the inside of my house. Enjoy because it probably won't happen again for many, many months. Have I mentioned I don't like housework?

The group who actually saw the house on Friday night can tell that by Saturday afternoon, I had made excellent progress in returning it to its normal messy state!

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pat sloan said...

I love your tidy home Miss Cheryl! And isn't that dress awesome????? PLUS I just went to 'cute overload'...of dear is that too it!!!!