Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Update: Lover's Knot, info on next book

Bestselling Author, Emilie Richards > Village News: Letter to Readers:
I went to author Emilie Richards web site today to see what updates she's made (since I know she's releasing the next Shenandoah album book in July). Her web site mentions this book and plans for the next one...called Lone Star. Can you imagine how nice those quilts would be?

From Emilie's Letter to Readers:
"And finally, LOVER'S KNOT, the third (but not the final) book of the Shenandoah Album series, will be out in July. Along with it the companion volume QUILT ALONG WITH EMILIE RICHARDS, LOVER'S KNOT, will make its debut, too. Like the other QUILT ALONG volumes, this one features the patterns for the quilts mentioned in LOVER'S KNOT, put together by the fine folks at Leisure Arts. No one could be more fun to work with than they are. Visit if you can't find the book in a store near you, and you can order it on line.

So what am I doing now? Well, the second mystery LET THERE BE SUSPECTS is finished and ready to make an appearance in December, and now I'm hard at work on the fourth Shenandoah Album novel, LONE STAR. Yes, there were going to be three, but I can change my mind, can't I? Who knows where this will end? For now, I'm having too much fun to stop."

She also says the main character in Lone Star has been in one or two of the other books...wonder who she is? If you've read the others and have a theory, let me know!

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