Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Talk Like a Pirate Day-Yesterday

piratesTalk Like a Pirate Day
I'm a day late, and a dollar short, but yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day. I missed it completely, but I thought these statistics from the link above were interesting. (Mary, the post is for you. Jean, the picture is for you...and maybe Grant, but whatever)


Aye, ’twas a fine Talk Like a Pirate Day. We were see’in traffic the likes of which we ‘ad ne’er seen before. Several times I thought the ship was sinking, but we managed to keep ‘er afloat!

* For the actual day in the US: 515,245 page views over 184,130 people
* For the whole week: 774,865 page views over 274,103 people
* According to Technorati, we received 311 links from 262 blogs

That’s a lot more than last year, where we saw 321,982 page views for 45,884 people!

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