Friday, January 12, 2007

Knit progress

Every night I've been working on homework assignments this week, mainly trying to get from 0 to "OK, I can knit a little" in 5 nights or less. Last night, I was airing my tongue and deepening my character lines while trying to remember all my knitting experience. I knitted for a couple of hours and managed a fairly decent swatch where I changed from knitting to the same row! I loosened up my tension a little so I don't have the world's tightest stockinette stitch, and the whole time I was thinking that I'd enjoy the process a little more with a project in mind. Something small so that I don't totally freak when I drop a stitch (it happened last night, the dropping the stitch. Luckily it was just a swatch-y thing so no freaking was involved). This morning, Sarah told me about a dishcloth pattern that I should try. When I'm well-rested, I think I'll give the "yarn overs" and "knit 2 togethers" a try. Here's a picture. I think mine will be more brightly colored.

I want to get my friend Mary to help me find another project to work on because I should be able to accomplish all sorts of wonders on a 3-day weekend. I think the only thing I have planned is a birthday dinner. Of course, my sister-in-law asked me if that would work, but she's never said it's on. I guess if I just show up at her house for dinner, then it becomes a surprise party...for her.

I've been moving at work to a new/old spot. New because it's where I live now. Old because it's where I lived before I moved into my last office. I'll post pictures as soon as I remember to bring my camera. It's nice and...bare right now. Later it will be very cluttered to match my old office. My desk is smaller, and as my organization system revolves around piles, that could be problematic. We'll see.

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Susie said...

Wonderful. :)
I made a suggestion to weave your tails in on the other post but I see you know how to do that. I should have known you would.
Great job,