Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lazy Girl? I don't think so!

Joan Hawley, the Lazy Girl herself, has been a very busy lady lately. She and her book, Bold Bags, are showing up all over the place. Here's where I've seen her lately.
1. Quilter's Buzz-Joan sent a link to a great news story about how hip it is to sew. Since I've never been that hip, I'm kind of excited about the possiblitites myself! Joan has a link to the MSNBC clip on her blog.
2. Bold Bags is featured in the TNNA Promenade. The TNNA Promenade is a new idea where exhibitors can preview their new items and shop owners can get an idea of what to see before they go to the upcoming TNNA show. For those of us who don't make it the National Needlework Association show in San Diego, we can see what's showing up there and dream about going to the next show! To find out more about TNNA, go here.
3. Then Joan sent out the opportunity to her Yahoo group to be "featured" on the blog. They can send in pictures of completed Lazy Girl designs. Joan has posted the first feature, an "oh-my-goodness" cool bag featuring Mt. Fuji using one of her bag patterns. I've been fighting the bag frenzy because nothing I make turns out like the vision in my head, but...I'm really feeling the urge to make my own Lazy creation. Note to self: avoid the zipper, save the bag (sort of my take on "Save the cheerleader, save the world" and I don't even watch that show). To see this bag, go here. I'm looking forward to seeing what other Lazies come up with.
4. Joan's Kaye Wood episodes are also up and running on To see Joan's post, click here.
5. I Heart If I could choose to be paid in Amazon currency, I might go for it because I have a serious book problem. Bold Bags is showing up there, available for purchase...immediately. Go and buy it. You really should. Now. It's easy. Go ahead. I'll wait...
6. And today she sent me an e-mail with acutal, live, finished, completed, done, ready for use Bold Bags...using the Exclusively You prodduct. How exciting! I want to see more finished projects using Leisure Arts-y stuff. It's so nice to know that someone actually makes things. I only buy books and then add them to my "someday" collection. There are finishers in the world!

When I get around these busy folks who get things done, I always think to myself, "Wonder what her house looks like?"


Lazy Girl said...

Hi Cheryl,

Oh my goodness, I am so flattered that you have chronicled my activities. As for my house...there is a strong chance that it might not be tidy. And let's leave it at that.

Joan Hawley
Lazy Girl Designs

Susie said...

What a wonderful update on Joan.
I knew of all she was up to but great to see it other places in writing. :)
Joan is lazy but only in the aspect that she makes patterns for us lazy ladies that have a lot to do and need the 'quickest' way to enjoy our sewing.
Joan's the best.
Thanks Cheryl for the great write up,