Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Valentine

I've told this story to my friends, about my church Valentines, but you haven't heard it yet and I found this picture...so here we go. I did make it to church on Sunday (sometimes a major accomplishment in and of itself) because they've started this "singles" class before the second service. Usually, singles just kind of fend for themselves, so I appreciated the effort and went. I think this is a universal church-thing, too, but anytime we're asked to make extra effort...like showing up at the crack of 9 a.m. instead of 10:45...there's food involved. This time it was Krispy Kreme doughnuts...the world's most perfect food.

I didn't eat one. I'm on a dang diet. I'm ALWAYS on a dang diet. But, in a cruel twist, they also gave us each a Valentine...with a free doughnut. So now what do I do? In another interesting twist, I also managed to talk to...not one, but two male-type people. As I'm also perpetually single and these guys were wholly unrelated to me in any fashion, this was also a shocking turn of events...and I got a second Valentine...from one of the male-types. So, to be polite and respectful, I definitely have to go and get at least one free doughnut, right? Maybe I'll go tomorrow...to chase away the black cloud hovering over my head.

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