Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Last post for first full day in Kerry

We finished up our drive around the ring of Kerry with a stop at the Ladies View of the lakes of Killarney. It's named that because Queen Victoria (um, I think) stopped there with her ladies and they liked that view. There's probably more to it, and before we do something crazy like put it in a book, we'll do some research.

The last picture was taken the night Pat taught her first class and we met with the Killarney quilters. I was just as great as I expected it to be. They did a show and tell of their projects and were just so warm and friendly, very easy to talk to. I was surprised to hear about the total lack of quilt stores in Ireland. I think we should start one. I'll be happy to run it. Someone just give me a kajillion euros, OK? Not loan, give. A kajillion in euros please. Anyway, you can tell who the Irish quilters are in this photo. They're the well-behaved ones. Actually, it looks like even the Georgia girls were on their best behavior in this shot!

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