Friday, June 29, 2007

Sneak Peek: iQuilt No Holds Barred Designers Mix

OK, so it's Friday afternoon and I'm trying to decide what to do with my weekend...a nice hike and snap some photos? Knit like a maniac (it's the only way I know how to knit)? Or yield to my burning desire to pick up a rotary cutter and cut something (hopefully of the fabric persuasion, not a finger or toe)? It's a difficult thing to have so many hobbies. Maybe I could take a picture of my rotary cutter or something like that...anyway, I thought I would go for a quilt sneak peek today. We're sending this to the printer today (insert happy dance here). No matter how much we love something when it comes through the door, by the time we're ready to send it to the printer, we've spent enough quality time together and we're ready to wave goodbye. Still, this one is a little unusual.

For this iQuilt, we worked with 2 great designers. One, Linda Lum DeBono, you've seen around here before. The second, Linda Tiano, is a former employee who does some pretty great fabric stuff. And then the third designer is us, the Leisure Arts quilt department. We don't often get to design from scratch. And this one was a big challenge...most of the group runs more to mud and reproductions than contemporary and modern. Me, I'm just all over the place. So, when I say on the "Color" podcast that we agonize over color, I mean it. We also destroy our local quilt shop before we're through. But they are good to us anyway. On this iQuilt, we really had to stretch. And the end result is pretty cool. This is our traditional nursery in non-traditional colors. And the last shot is the very last page of this leafazine...and I took that shot on the 2-hot dog trail at Lake Catherine. And I got a credit line!

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Regina said...

Wonderful photo - it is great that your "other" talents are finding a place to showcase!!!

These quilts look great, too! Not something I am likely to try - since it looks like lots of applique and that is really not my thing, but I love the colors!