Friday, June 01, 2007

Sneak Peek: Pat's Learn to Machine Quilt, Color Book

Today I thought I'd show some exciting Pat Sloan sneak peeks. The first publication, Learn to Machine Quilt with Pat Sloan should be available just any day now. It's a really pretty book (of course!) where Pat teaches us all about machine quilting...nice projects and full-color photography (even if the models are not REALLY models but Leisure Arts employees, a designer we work with, and one super-duper pattern tester who makes our lives easier). The second publication, Pat Sloan's Take the Fear Out of Color should be available in this one really is a sneak. And this is a very cool book, so you're going to be looking for it. Pat's made every design in 2 or 3 different color ways so that you can see how color choices affect a design. From experience, we know that some quilters want to reproduce exactly what designers like Pat produce, down to the very same fabrics. Others aren't afraid to change it up but may need a little color confidence to step out in new directions. All the Sloanies out there know that Pat loves color...not a specific color, but colorS. This is a fun book with info on how Pat reads color in fabric and how to mix it up. And the projects are great, too. I believe we have the same models in the photography, but we had too much fun to limit our classes to one day.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that Pat's color book is coming soon! I've been looking forward to it since you gave us a peek back in December. Yay!

Lisa P.