Sunday, July 22, 2007

CHA summer, part 2

Here are some photos of the Leisure Arts booth. I knew you'd like to see those! At a show like CHA, it's usually broken down into sections,so that the craft publications are together, the knit and crochet, the quilt, etc. New books and bestsellers are in the racks and we show limited product from some of the most exciting new books coming. Along the walls are posters for the hot new things we've got coming. This is the first time I really remember seeing lots of those, but we did have some for the Knit Out in Minneapolis and they really gave the booth an up-to-date look, probably because the photography just gets better and better.

We also had demos going for the DVD's and a television set up to play them. Bestseller Debbie Macomber was there to sign books (and mention to me that she saw my previous post about running into her at Barnes and Noble and just being better off to sit in the corner. This time, I didn't feel like so much of a rock star as I did worry about what I said. And really, if that wasn't a rock star moment, what is?). Hey Quilt department, did you see the big apron poster? Cool, right? And if you look vrey close, you can see a touch of Ireland and a big ol' Emilie Richards Touching Stars poster. For K&C, Vanna was featured as well as some of the best fashion stuff we've done lately. The booth looked great. I have no idea what people thought who hadn't enjoyed the epic battles to get these to the printer, but sometimes it makes it all worthwhile to see how pretty it looks in a rack.

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