Monday, July 02, 2007

Cool and dry

In the effort to stay both cool and dry, I stayed in my house all weekend with quick forays out for food only. And I enjoyed every minute. I did sew just a little (because you know how non-sewing folks see that you have a machine and believe that you just absolutely live to help them hem something or attach something or make something from scratch just for grins. You know how that works right? And since I was home, I was an easy target.) Mostly I knit like a maniac (the only way I know how to knit) and annoyed my dog. I decided to play around with my camera a little to see if I could get some of those know, some bloggers have just outstanding photos of things. So far, my photos have all been nature-related.
DSC_0013Last week I wrote a letter from the editor (if you see it, act surprised) about family heirlooms. What makes a family heirloom? A fortune in silver, priceless works of art, ancestral homes...probably not for most of us. For me, it's the stuff that has a good story. These cars were my dad's. I found them when I was looking through a box of photos. He was still alive then and I was sitting in the floor in our living room. I asked him if I could have them and he said yes. My brothers were scooped and they didn't even know it! Anyway, then he started telling stories about the pictures, lots of pictures with a horse and his old dog Smoky. My dad grew up in Little Rock, but it was a very different Little Rock.

DSC_0021This is a button jar that was my grandmother's. I think all grandmothers must have had a button jar. She was a professional seamstress. She was the first person who got the hemming, then my mother, now me. Still, I got all of her cool sewing notions too. Looks like I should have cropped this shot a little better. And I had to lighten it because, otherwise, you could see what I used to get the fabric behind the jar. You could read the words through the fabric somehow.

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