Thursday, July 05, 2007

My map

My counter shows me how many people visit every day (closing in on 10,000 visitors, 40 or 50 by day) and where they're from. It also makes a really neat map of the last visitors. This is my map on Tuesday. And it usually looks this way...lots of eastern US, not so much in the west, and a few people scattered in exciting foreign destinations (in my imagination at least). I'm on a travel kick lately. I've replaced HGTV with Travel Channel and I'm keeping my passport out in a visible place so I'm ready to go at a moment's notice. If you have some highly important business which requires my assistance, and live near a beach or some foreign locale requiring use of said passport, please contact me ASAP!

I'm thinking about building one of those maps that shows where you've been. I'd have quite a few states marked off thanks to my travel for Leisure Arts, but my only international visits have been Ireland and Peru (that's kind of an odd mix, right?). I definitely need more stamps in my passport. Let's see...Australia? New Zealand? England? Canada would be fairly easy...

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Marli Silva said...

Cheryl, here I am from Brazil, visiting your nice blog.Another little stamp for your passport!