Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where do craft books come from?

Do you ever wonder how we get the designs that we work on? Designers are either found at shows that we visit or they submit designs to us that are reviewed by a committee. Before I am buried under the requests (uh huh), I'm not on that committee. No design power. But, once they pick out the designs, they come down to me (if they're knit, crochet, or quilt). And then the ball really starts rolling because I shuffle things around to the appropriate writer and away they go....instructions, meetings, photography, meetings, on to the Art department for design and layout...until finally, voila! a lovely file that goes away to be printed, boxed, shipped, and then somehow make its way to the store. And at any time along the way, if I really like something, I "anticipate" the instructions and make my own. Is it any wonder I can't concentrate on one project?

The photos are of the projects that were handed out to me this week. They're kind of intimidating when they're all piled up like that and have wheels attached. See why I move them along ASAP? At least mine can fit in boxes...Mundane Jane's sometimes look like they had to be assembled on the spot.

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Jane who? said...

That's so we can take them apart and see how they tick. We just hope we're able to get them back together they way they came.