Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The snake silver lining

To finish up my beautiful Saturday morning, I stopped at Lake Degray to go on a hike, snap a few photos, see what I could remember. I made the mistake of telling a guy that I was going to get out since it had cooled off a little. I took a break from the woods to give the snakes plenty of time to do whatever it is that snakes do without meeting me. I'm a city girl. What do I know about these things? Cooler weather means slower snakes as I unserstand it. And then he says, "Well, this is actually the time of year the snakes are moving." Oh, good. So I missed lots of things at eye-level. I did get to see a pretty butterfly. And I'm pretty sure the second picture is of the frog/toad that made me jump 3 feet in the air. I think I'll go back in a couple of months so I can see more of what there is to see than the ground in front of me.

There...I think I'm all caught up. Happy, MJ?

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