Monday, October 15, 2007

The Knitting for Noggins 2007 round up

Yesterday we delivered the hats to Arkansas Children's Hospital that we've been working on for the past month. I have personally twisted arms on everyone in my influence to get them knitting or crocheting a hat for the cause. Since I don't have that much influence, it's good that there were plenty of yarn fans to contribute. The final numbers:
Leisure Arts employees/friends make 219 hats total. Warm Up America donates 100 hats. Our total delivery: 319. Not too shabby. As of yesterday, people in 22 states had donated hats. And this morning the total is at 19, 794.

We didn't win for the most donated. We were short about 700 hats. That's a lot of hats. So now I have to begin using my influence for next year. Anybody want to make a hat? Have I got an easy pattern for you...

Congratulations to Joan Beebe who won a prize for one of her teeny tiny little hats. Here she is doing a good deed for a fellow knitter by sewing up a hat to turn in. It's a good team. Designer Susan Anderson was there and in a warm-fuzzy rush I had to buy her new book, Itty Bitty Nursery. She's got some way cute hats. I should probably just go ahead and get started for next year. Maybe I can double my input to 12 if I start now.

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