Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Knitters

Here's another shot of what peer pressure looks like...2 new knitters! Like water dripping on rocks, we wore down these 2 and then threw in a great charity to push them over the edge. Each made a hat (currently being modeled by the Magic 8 Ball and a precious Diet Coke). And now both have multiple projects going...the sign of a true crafter, right? I call that success. Lora has mastered k2, p2 ribbing (and she knows what I mean) and Rhonda has made her first garter stitch hat (although she might not know exactly that she has). Next up, she'll learn to P-U-R-L.

So far, the Knitting for Noggins looks like a big success. The goal was 100 when we started. An optimistic soul built the cap-o-meter to blow at 130 caps...and early numbers seem to indicate that we might even pass that goal! Add to that the 100 caps passed on from Caps to the Capital/Warm up America, and the Leisure Arts group will deliver 200+ hats. Great work!

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