Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A good reason to celebrate

If it hadn't been for all the gaily wrapped gifts (and a free lunch and yummy carrot cake), yesterday would have been a total loss. Apparently, old age set in and my memory went out the window. And it was all down hill from there. As I'm doing better today, I hope it was temporary. Thank goodness for presents and food. They perk me up any time.

I like to get gifts at work for 2 reasons...1. these are gifts from people who like the same things I do. They can pick the perfect things because they like them too. 2. and they're good at picking up hints. Or I'm good at dropping them maybe. I have to stop doing that because I feel (slightly) bad but they keep rewarding my bad behavior! It started with the pirate panda, then the hamburger hat, and now the cool felted purse. One of a kind, hand-made by the designer Joan. And you can't even buy the pattern! So here's the purse...

And remember what I said about people liking the same things you do...that applies to Orlando Bloom, too (although I prefer him as an elf and Johnny Depp as a pirate. Still, the movie totally works.)

And the pretty yarn eggs with the teeny, tiny card were from Susan. The needles were handcrafted (OK, the toppers) by none other than Mundane Jane. I'm not sure I dropped a hint to her but I was definitely hoping.

A book from Cheryl...

And stars for my Willow Tree nativity from Mary. She was afraid I was going to go back into the Christmas closet, but I think I've decided to leave it out on display. She made the card, too. I'm surrounded by makers.

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