Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sneak Peek: Dressed to Chill, Make Believe, BH&G

This time we're in the Land of Quilt and/or Sewing because there are some really nice books out now in both places and we just love fabric, right?

This first book, Dressed to Chill, is by Jan Kornfeind ($13.95, available NOW). And we love to see her stuff on the schedule. She's great with fabrics, her appliques are cute, and her quilts are so well-made. I admire that as I've never successfully accomplished a "neat" quilt. I haven't given up hope yet. All of the designs feature snowpeople and their friends and there's a really cute tree skirt I'd love to have in my own house (except I want one like Jan's, not like the one mine would turn out to be. I really need to work on loving my machine better so that it will love me too.)

Next up is "Make Believe!" by Linda Lum DeBono. If you've been around here a while, you know that Linda's got a great eye for colorful, exciting quilts and these are no different. Each set has a small quilt and a pillow. One is bound to be perfect for someone you know. If not, I can name one or two that you could make for me. This one should also be available NOW for $11.95.

Next up is "1-2-3 Quilt" from Better Homes & Gardens ($10.95, available NOW). We also have "Weekend Kitchen Decor to Sew" for $10.95. These have the great photography that we all expect from BH&G and projects from some of our favorite designers (I do believe I see Linda Lum DeBono on the back cover of the "Weekend Projects") It's great to see all the interest in sewing coming around. I myself found that I was wishing for an apron as I wrassled the turkey into the pan on Christmas. Of course, if I had one I wouldn't wear it. I wouldn't want to mess it up with turkey cooties. The 2 on this cover are very cute.

And last but not least, is the Gooseberry Patch "Sew Simple" book developed by our in-house designers. This book has such a fresh feel to it. The projects are nice (and simple) and the fabrics are beautiful. They do good work. Check it out. It should also be available NOW for$10.95.

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linda lum debono said...

Oh, these look great! I can't wait to get my hands on these!