Monday, February 25, 2008

Pat's Cupcake Hat

Last week, my friend Pat Sloan, super cupcake fan, sent me this link. I thoughtfully offered to teach her to knit so that she might create her own cupcake. I don't know when she would do this because she seems to have quite enough to do to keep herself busy. So I made a cupcake hat in her honor. I enjoyed every minute too. I was nearly certain I wouldn't...working on circular needles in the round and th dreaded (by me anyway) double-pointed needles. Apparently being the world's tightest knitter comes in very handy when working with double pointed needles because my cupcake seems to be holding together, even under the weight of an entirely-too-large cherry pom-pom. I'm going to have to improve my pom-pom skills. So, here's a cupcake hat for Pat to add to my growing Knitting for Noggins hat forest.

The next picture is the 4 hats I've worked on since I last posted a hat post. And the last picture is of my entire hat forest of 6. So now that I'm ahead, I can start something else...maybe another hat! Clearly I need to drop the pink yarn and pick up some more manly colors. Anybody know of any cute boy hats? I'm thinking of tackling one from the Vanna's Choice book next. (And from the grey hat, clearly I need to follow a pattern instead of doing my own thang...real patterns wouldn't be pointed at the top, or big enough to fit a giant's head, but's a hat.)


Quilting Cindy said...

Love the cupcake hat, it is sooo Pat. You make me want to learn to knit, maybe I'll check knitting out.

Mary said...

Love those knitted cupcakes!! How adorable, Mary