Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blog post interrupted

I had plans this morning to take more photos of my snail's pace progress on the Orange Peel quilt. I didn't get that done. Here's all started with the alarm clock.

I've developed this sleeping sickness where the only time I sleep is when I should not be, like when I should get up to get ready for work. Then I hit "Snooze" as many times as I can. I set my alarm early so that I can do this. It's not a good system but it sort of works.

Today the first alarm that I even heard was about 45 minutes later than normal. I have no idea why. I scurried into the shower at that point. Apparently that relaxed me.

I came out and sat sideways on the bed to talk to/annoy Darcy. She had done her normal routine to sprawl out across the bed. I woke up again as the snooze alarm went off and I believe I turned it off with my foot. Considering my position, there really is no other way.

I scurried again. Dressed myself, dried my hair, fed and watered the dog, and ran out the door.

My garage door picked today to act coy again and no matter how I pushed the remote button, it wouldn't shut. I ran back through the garage to put down the door, through the kitchen past the treat box (I swear Darcy sits by the box until she's sure the garage door's working before she goes on about her business. Maybe she's doing something to the garage door...), and out the front door.

As I was zooming down the road toward the interstate, I realized I had completely forgotten to put any makeup on. This is a problem. I made an emergency stop to get the bare minimum and screeched into the parking lot.

I raced to my desk to logon...and locked myself out. Stupid passwords. Stupid alarm clocks.

I'm thinking about getting this puzzle alarm clock. There's no chance I could turn this one off by have to assemble the puzzle pieces which are ejected when the alarm goes off...which means you have to find them first. Of course, that would probably bother Darcy and I'm beginning to suspect some magical control of the garage door.

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