Monday, June 23, 2008

Glory days

So, I don't have a great picture to go with this post (but as I have nothing exciting to report from the weekend, I'm going to go with it anyway). The biggest news that I got this weekend was that my 10-year-old nephew's team, the Benton Cubs, coached by none other than Dad (my brother), won the state tournament for his age. The state! And to hear it recounted, it was a true feel-good story...losing in pool play, seeded 20 out of 24 in the bracket, a total come-from-behind upset that people will be talking about for years. They might even make a movie.

Maybe not.

But still very exciting for my brother. Well, and my nephew.

But I bet mainly for my brother.

Really, if you'd told me that after losing 3 games, they'd have to win 3 in a row, against the best tournament teams in the state, I'd have said, "Well, third place is pretty good, too." That just shows what I know.

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