Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Greatest American Dog

This is the newest reality show in my line-up and I have a new heart throb...Chef Gordon is right up there still but Travis from Greatest American Dog is bumping him out of first place. Such a sweetheart to his dog! He's almost too cute to stand. I couldn't find a clip of the "Bone Appetit" challenge...he had me at baby talk to his puppy. Mary knows what I'm talking about.

Why this is television...I'm not really sure. But I gotta watch any show where the dogs sit in the chairs and the people sit on the floor. And FYI, I think that dog's name is Leroy. The woman sitting beside Leroy...I have no idea what her name is. Dog names I've got, people names...well, I've got Travis memorized.

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skip haynes said...

Hi Cehryl

I liked the show's concept - but mostly the dogs so much I created a song especially for all the great American dogs out there. Check it out at http://www.musicforanimals.org It's a free download, it's fun and it's for all the dogs that mean so much to all of us dog lovers.