Thursday, July 03, 2008

My hat collection

Yesterday I visited the cubby of a person who is dedicated-ly crocheting hats for Knitting for Noggins for Arkansas Children's Hospital. The deadline is sometime in October, and before then, we'll start a big drive to collect and count the hats. This person is not a "professional" (which means that she doesn't work for me, doesn't write instructions). She has a large collection building. There really ought to be 2 levels of competition...the K&C writers...and everybody else. Nobody can compete with them. Really. They are speed demons with hooks or needles...and usually carry on complete conversations with you. I have to poke my tongue out to crochet. No conversation allowed.

So...then I started to wonder about my own collection and how many I have. I can't remember how many I did last year. Maybe 7 or 8? And in 4 weeks that's not too shabby. For this year, I was going to have one hat for every month. So, how many do I have now? 12.

I actually met a goal. I can't believe it. I like goals, I set goals, but usually they're too lofty (OK, really I miss diet goals but who doesn't? I meet goals like "buy more shoes").

Obviously my goal was too low. 3 months left...maybe I could do 12 more? No, 6 more. That's better.

The little purple hat...I named it "Gauge" so that it might be a lesson on why gauge matters. That's an adult pattern, worked in a different yarn with a different hook (because that's all I had at midnight whatever night this bright idea kicked in).

Number 13 is on the hook (do crocheters say that?) right now. Acutally, on the couch AND hook.

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