Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Wii Fit could work (if I would only do it...)

So I've mentioned yoga-ing with Wii fit and that's fun, it's more work than I thought it would be, and does increase my stretchiness. To address my overall roundness, I've been working with the aerobics games in Wii Fit lately, mainly the advanced step aerobics and the jogging games.

I don't jog. But apparently in a make believe world, I do at about 52%. For about 5 minutes. In a make believe world in the privacy of my own home...not too bad. This video is not me. There's not enough taunting from the guide jogger to be me. And I haven't actually passed the guide yet. And I certainly don't run fast enough for the game to make me trip. I do all the tripping all on my own.

I'm lucky to still be alive.

On the bright side, I've lowered my Wii Fit age from 42 to 26 (update: neither one of these is my real age...I'm really right there in the middle). That was for one bright day.

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