Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book sales

One of the perks to working for a publishing company is lots and lots of books for sale. Even books that aren't yours. Even books that you'd never publish ever. We have book sales like that for employees and we had one this week...word was: novels. I don't normally make the trek because I have many, many, many craft books and more cook books that I'll ever even open. But novels...those I need.

And I didn't buy any.

What I books, because while I never know when I'll make it to Milan, I still like to plan for it. Or Florida. Or Oregon. Or any further down the road than Mills Park, my favorite vacation destination (10 minutes by car).

And this book...Caught Between a Job etc. Who wouldn't want to live a dream? Apparently, mine included traveling to Milan, Florida, or Oregon. I always thought it was writing. Or being born independently wealthy. I could probably do both in Milan.

So begins "Empowered greetings." And I think so much of that that I believe I might be done reading it. To an opener like this, I snort and close the book.
Anyone with a dream need a book? For the low, low price of...a whole lot less than $21.99 (not really gonna sell it, but totally gonna give it up).

I really need to get back to the Milan book anyway. Who knows when that opportunity might pop up?

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