Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Sorry to be so tardy with the post. I have many reasons, none of them interesting. And so goes the post...
I've been trying to infect my coworkers with a blazing curiosity on the America's Greatest Dog show so that we can stand around and make cute noises over what amazing stunt the dogs pulled last night. It's not working, so in a last-ditch/next-week's-the-finale-you'll-be-sorry-you-didn't-watch-with-me post, here are 2 videos. The first featuring total cuteness Travis and his somewhat less cute though very lovable Boxer Presley. (And Travis is just a bartender/actor and Presley is only a puppy...they're not pros yet.) The second demonstrates why I can't stop watching this show although I should not watch this show. I cry over 101 Dalmatians. The animated version. Seeing real dogs's almost too much. I did a frantic search to see how Galaxy was to no avail and had to wait until this week. And she's fine, joints of a 2 year old and remains in the competition. And she's amazing, star of JD's dog show. (Don't you just love how I talk as if I know these people?)

I try to get Darcy to watch the show with me. She thinks it looks like work. Work that's not needed. At my house, I do the stunts. She eats the treats. That's the policy.

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