Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I like to start things...

I work with a bunch of crafy types. And the pool of crafty types outside of work is growing too, thanks to people who come and go, so in total, I know a lot of crafty individuals. Most of them are like me...they are excellent collectors and occasional finishers. And then there are the select few, the finishers. I was reading some blogs by crafty friends like Joan (www.ssknits.com) and Kay (naturalstateknitter.blogspot.com). And they have mulitple projects going. And they finish them.

I just have multiple projects.

I started a new/old one this weekend in the effort to quell my growing interest in cross stitch. Not that there's anything wrong with cross stitch. My long and tangled crafting history truly began with cross stitch. Before I could drive, I would ask my mom to take me to Wal-Mart which had an entire aisle of racks to flip through, filled with with Leisure Arts publications. And my second job out of college...Leisure Arts where I worked on cross stitch publications. I like cross stitch. I do. I think it's a more manageable craft than any of the others I've picked up through the years.

But now I have a room filled with fabric. And yarn. And the yarn is spilling out into other rooms. Really. I think it multiplies while I'm out. And that's not really a bad problem. The practical side says, "Cheryl, you shouldn't buy anything new until you finish up what you have here." And then real Cheryl says, "But that could take...forever!"
So I'm just going to ignore practical Cheryl, whoever she is, and go on with starting things.

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Mundane Jane said...

Indulge the cross stitch urge now, while you can still see what you're doing.

In ten-fifteen years, time will take that particular temptation off the table for you.

At least, that's how it went down for me.