Friday, September 26, 2008

Positive thinking

This has turned into a very zen-like spot, what with all the yoga talk and today's encouraging word. Don't worry...nothing is permanent as long as I'm around. I was just thinking about all the things I'm going to accomplish this weekend. The list looks something like:
1. Find and Escort mouse from the premises.
2. Remove vine thing-y currently creeping up my house before it reaches the roof. My time is running out.
3. Play a round or two of exciting mini golf with a group of people who are just as cool as I am. That's just how we roll.
4. Visit Mills Park and be walked by the amazing Darcy dog.
5. Fit in at least 2 Route 44 Diet Cokes from my friends at Sonic.
6. Maybe some yoga.
7. Probably some church (since I'll be with them at the mini golf, I should probably show up on Sunday, too).
8. Maybe some crafting stuff. I'm feeling the weird need to cross stitch something. That means the yarn has to be put somewhere.

It really doesn't sound like much, but there are 2 things I observe from my list: 1. The only things I'm sure of...the Diet Cokes and the mini golf. Each has a powerful attraction that might be difficult to explain. 2. I need to get a more exciting life. Somehow.

Still...I'm feeling optimistic that I might actually do one or two of the other things too. I guess we'll see on Monday!

Happy Friday!

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