Friday, September 19, 2008

The power of Enthusiasm

We all know those people, right? Energetic, cheerful, eternally optimistic and just really positive to be around. If you are one of those people, thanks. Me, I'm more of a dampener, a calming influence on any high spirits, and if you try to talk to me before I've truly given up the battle to stay asleep, it can be a little touch-and-go for both of us. I'm thinking about this because I had a call from a friend come in yesterday while I was slogging through whatever the 3 crises were at that time of day. I had no enthusiasm for anything but vacation time. But she had it. And it was such a refreshing burst. Until I looked back at my desk. Still I'm thankful for people like her. As long as they stay away from me until after my second Diet Coke...and that's not really all that long anyway.

Two things I am truly enthusiastic about: 1. Fridays. 2. Funny animal pictures. I found this one while I was looking for a funny cheerleader picture featuring spirit fingers. It's a roundabout way that I make it to these searches and it's kinda hard to explain why I think they'll be good matches to my posts, but then I find a funny cat picture and decide "Good enough for me."

Happy Friday!

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