Monday, October 06, 2008

I don't know how much I've talked about the newest site,, around here, but in my own mind, I talk about it. A lot. It's been the work of my summer to get these classes up so I'm happy to do a little sales work here too. Each one features either 3 or 4 video lessons and downloaded instructions. And each new one we add is better than the last. Really!

So far, we have 7 classes available. They are:
Paper Piecing with Pat Sloan
Curved Piecing with Pat Sloan
Sewing Basics with Pat Sloan
Crochet Basics with Susan Sullivan
Knit Stitches with some girl with a thick ol' accent. She says things like "Kni-it" and "bo-ook". That would be me.
Knit Basics with yours truly
Crochet Stitches with Mary 2-Lemons-Please Hutcheson

And coming soon (well, really, at this point "soon" is a relative term. If you've been working on them as long as I have soon is in the next 2 months or so, but really that's probably not all that soon to you. I think there should be an angelic chorus when the last one goes up, but I'm not sure there will be. So maybe they're just coming...):
Needle Felting with Kim Hamblin
Quilt Basics 1 with Pat Sloan
Quilt Basics 2 with Pat Sloan
Millefiore Basics with Anne Igou

Needle Felting (MJ, this is beautiful. You're going to like it, I think. That Brian guy, he just gets better and better.) is the next one up. And if you don't see what you like, let me know. Maybe we'll make more!

Oh, and the titles are all subject to change. In fact, I'm doing this from memory, which is notoriously unreliable, so just go to the site for the real, actual, accurate info. You can't trust me to get it all 100% correct. But at least I'm honest.

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