Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cross Stitch action

So I was waiting until I (almost) completely finished this before I posted. Last night I feverishly worked until the middle of the night (about 9:45 for me) to complete it so that I could post it a picture so terrible that you can barely tell what's happening. (And now I'm thinking there should be something in the center of that big flower. I'll have to check on that...) But that's what I get for working until the middle of the night and then trying to take a picture before I ran out the door.

As it's only the first quarter of the piece, I'll post another someday. You know, when it's finished. Yes, when it's finished. To see a better picture or more designs from my current favorite cross stitch designer, Diane Williams, you can go to

These kits included the overdyed threads and the charts...just add fabric! I started it on Aida because that's what I had on hand, again, in the middle of the night, right before I left for Quilt Market. And I'm having the best time! I know I should be an evenweave snob (and yarn snob and fabric snob) but I just really like it all, ya know?

I tried to meditate on the sentiment while I stitched, but I'm sure I'm still not very pure in heart. And the next one up is meek...

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