Monday, December 15, 2008

Ornament exchanges

This happens to me every time I go to a party with an "exchange"...usually they're in the format of Dirty Santa exchanges. At the first one I ever attended, I ended up with a Beanie Baby sleeping bag. I don't remember what I took, but I'm sure it was very nice because the idea of giving a "dirty" gift just doesn't seem right. You know?

This time, it was just an ornament exchange, but I put some thought into the right place to go (not a place everyone else would go) and what might make lots of people happy (how can you go wrong with a star?) and then I made the box because prior to this evening I had plans to try to get a handmade element in all my Christmas gifts.

I've over that now. And I am much happier.

So now I have a lipstick-wearing, gold-earrings-in-her fins goldfish ornament.
And no Dirty Santa exchange to take it to.

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