Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tree. Done.

The minimum...a Christmas tree. I managed to get it put up this weekend and I'm happy to have it done. I killed my vacuum cleaner so I think my gift to myself may be a new one (unless I can't conquer the need for an iPod Touch and I'm fighting it but I still hear them calling me and that's a way better gift to me than a stupid vacuum cleaner and maybe I can fix the vacuum cleaner...), but I still appreciate having the tree up. I think it will help with the mood (the tree AND an iPod Touch...instant Christmas cheer).


Mundane Jane said...

I had an epic Christmas tree fail yesterday. Congratulations.

Get the iPod touch. Who vacuums anyway?

linda lum debono said...

Hey Cheryl,
I vote for the iPod Touch. I love mine. Want a quick craft project? Make a wreath like mine [on my blog]. I was desperate and short on time so I made four of them in an hour. Plus I am putting up some easy crafts for procrastinators.
Have a great holiday!