Monday, January 26, 2009

I didn't really need this...

Saturday I celebrated my upcoming birthday with my family, and as we talked, my sister-in-law asked if I am on Facebook. As we all know, I am and don't have nearly as many friends as I should if I really want to win, but more than enough for me since I hardly ever get on Facebook. And then it happened. My brother says, "I bet Cheryl can't beat my Pathwords score."
And then I was, "Oh, no, you didn't" and he was all..."Oh, yes, I did" and then I was all..."It is SO on now." Really, it was just like old times, without my mother in the background saying "Somebody's going to get hurt!" And here's the thing...he's still going to beat me. He has 1,234,456,890 friends to my 40 and he has 3 times my score at Pathwords. A sister just can't get a break! So

1. Be my friend on Facebook. In fact, if you aren't on Facebook, go there and get on just to be my friend. Seriously. This is my brother we're talking about.
2. Send me a list of all the 4, 5, or 6 letter words you know. So far, my biggest word is "honeying" and I have no idea what the definition is, but here's what happens: I run out of words, I get desperate, and I start making up words and randomly dragging across letters (Take it from me, very bad plan. In fact, you may come up with a word you wouldn't say, much less spell. The Pathwords dictionary must be very inclusive).

OK, so a list of words won't help much. What I really need is a ringer, someone who knows lots of words and can spell them quickly...and maybe I know just the person! I may have to work on this plot a little...


Anonymous said...

There is a game on Yahoo games called Text Twist that sounds similar. Dan and I have stayed up all hours of the night just trying to beat each other's high scores! We LOVE it!
Hilarious blog! You should share your password with those you trust and ask that they play under your name when you're not able to...that'll get your score up! Hahaha!

Mundane Jane said...

As someone with a younger brother, I would like nothing better than to watch you mop the floor with him. I think, though, that the best thing I can do to help you toward that goal is to stay as far away as possible.

I can only help you find words like eat, and have, and moan. I know other longer, better words, but have a brain deficiency that keeps me from being able to recognize them when their letters are scattered all around.

But you have my good wishes. Win one for sisters everywhere.