Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sneak Peek: Sew & Go Totes, Sew, So Cute, more

Remember when I used to talk about what we're doing here at Leisure Arts? It's been a while because it takes some planning to get this done...and, well, I plan everything else but not blog posts. Technically, there's not much "sneak" about these because 4 of 5 are already available at (click the title for more info).
Here are a few publications I think you might be interested in:
The first is Sew & Go Totesby Kristine Poor of Poorhouse Quilts. We've loved these bags since they came in the door because of the great fabrics and the great construction. These bags are well made! Kristine's engineering mind has given us some great totes. And the best part about this one is...this isn't much of a sneak peek! If you're in the mood to make a fabulous tote, backpack, bongo bag, or a ginormous bag perfect for weekend packing or, even better, large-project-toting, check this out!

This next publication, Sew, So Cute, is a great publication, developed by our fabulous quilt writers/designers/Halloween "Best Group"ers using Mary Engelbreit fabrics. This is a special book, filled with great projects and a handy sewing primer. I think everyone should have one of those aprons. The retail will be $22.95 and it's available in March.

And just because I love it, I'm throwing in this crochet title, Vanna's Choice: Easy Crochet Critters. I don't know how easy they are, since my crochet skills never quite fully developed, but they are cute. And this little book is available now!

And if you're interested in "green" living, we've got a couple of publications for you to check out. This first is called The Green Wedding Guide. I know less about weddings than I do green living (and I don't know much about that), but I know there are plenty of people who might like to have some great ideas for an eco-friendly wedding.

The other "green" title actually dates alllllll the waaaaay baaack to the year 1992. We first published Enviro-totes then but it's perfect for today. Four of the bags on the cover will hold a week's worth of groceries and they're easy to store.

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