Monday, February 09, 2009

Come to Arkansas. Now's the time.

Yes, that was really the weather forecast last Thursday. And yes, it really was 70 degrees this weekend. My convertible converted on Saturday and it was lovely. And then it met with a (rather annoying but not so) tragic accident due to operator error, but I need a picture for that. I spent Friday night and Saturday morning in a conference and then I did some shopping (I Heart Brighton), I ate food, I bought more food, and I walked. And then it was all over. How sad!

The second forecast is for the next 7 days...winter in Arkansas. Of course, we could have snow next week too. I was going to make some comment like we needed our own version of the groundhog (I don't think I've seen one around here, so we might have to import one, but what do I know? I'm a city-ish girl.) to predict how long winter will last, but this is just normal for living around here. Wouldn't it just be terrible to have 6 more weeks of this? Maybe our mascot should predict how long summer will last. He should probably be melt-proof.

I hadn't gotten very far on my mascot suggestion...Possum Grape Pete? Toad Suck Ted?


Mundane Jane said...

I just watch for the robins. I saw my first one Friday.

SSK* said...

Kansas has groundhogs to spare. Shall I try to catch one for you?