Thursday, February 12, 2009

My bumper now has character

Like the lines around my eyes give my face character (right?), now my car has character. This was what I mentioned in my weekend update where operator error has caused my car to have a boo boo. I read a story about adult ADHD and how it develops around age 38, but now I can't remember where I saw it. I think that's a sign. I may be a bit of an early bloomer. Maybe this is just early stages. That means it will get worse. I'm going to need a keeper.

So what happened is...I was late meeting someone for dinner. So I was hurrying. I did a quick turn through the parking lot to see if she was there yet. And she wasn't. So instead of making another turn to get back to empty parking spots, I decided to back into a spot. I threw the car into reverse and continued, in a hurried manner, to back up...before realizing that there was a car there. Very very close. So I slowed down and backed in, keeping a very careful eye on the car to my left.

And then scraped the bumper on the concrete base of the light pole on my right. Sigh.
I consider it a sign of new maturity that this didn't cause me to swoon in the parking lot. I'll just save the swooning until I find out how much it will cost me to fix it.

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