Friday, March 27, 2009

Night owl?

In the past few weeks, I think I've decided that I'm becoming a night owl, staying up on organizing jags and up until all hours with a book in my hand. And really, that's OK, except I also have to be up with the chickens 5 days a week. And days like today, that's tough.

Last night was a "finishing a book/listening intently for storm sirens" kinda night so this morning...I need much Diet Coke. And maybe the toothpicks to prop my eyes open.

And then I've gone and scheduled something fun in my normal sleep window. That's called Saturday. But it is going to be fun, an all-day writing workshop where my plan is to blend in with the scenery and avoid any attention at all. If necessary, I will sacrifice the friend going with me to deflect attention. I did warn her.
Maybe I should go to bed early tonight. 7:30 is a very early start for Saturday and I need to be alert, just in case a quick getaway is required.

1 comment:

pat sloan said...

oh I can't WAIT to hear how it goes!!!! I'm sending you a Dr. Phil test.. you and the other LA girls!


ps.. your mentioned on my sat blog post!

pps... im me in facebook one night.. i might still be on... or Gregg is if you need company... 2am.. no problem!