Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's your speed?

So I was reading the Yarn Harlot post where she shows the pair of socks that she knit in a weekend. A weekend! And not just any weekend, like I have weekends, but a weekend where she traveled and spoke and ate and traveled and just generally also had a real life. And she made a pair of socks. Not just a single solitary sock either, but a a pair of socks.

Clearly, I need to increase my knitting speed. Or my motivation. Or something. I knit 16 rows on block 5 of the baby afghan last night and congratulated myself on my blistering hot speed. 16 rows, 96 stitches, in a little over an hour, I think. With scattered pauses to see Brad Paisley and Randy Travis and that my favorites were safe. For me, that's very good. But that's not "pair-of-socks-in-a-weekend" speed.

Maybe it's because she's like...a professional and stuff. She can probably talk and knit at the same time, too. I know others who could do it too, but they're professionals as well. And me, I'm still in the amateur league.

What can I do very quickly? I can read very fast. Maybe I'm just a professional reader.
Or spend money or eat. I think maybe those are my events.

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SSK* said...

Check this out....

to see how fast Yarn Harlot really knits.

I feel so inadequate! There is no way I could knit with dpns the way she does.