Friday, April 24, 2009


I have one of those rare days today: a vacation day. So far I've spent it working on some fundraising stuff (which I absolutely hate to do), picking up some books from the library (just when you think you're making progress...), and waiting for an oil change.

I used to think I absolutely hated the waiting part of waiting for an oil change or to be taken back to see the doctor or getting my hair cut, but today I've determined it's less about the waiting and more about the people. Honestly, I can entertain myself quietly just about anywhere.

The worst part is, specifially, the people and the cell phone conversations they insist on having right over the top of the enthralling "The Price Is Right" blaring on the 4-ft television attached to the wall.

Sometimes these conversations are funny. I'm totally OK with that.
"Hey, dude." Silent listening.
"No, yeah, I'm just sitting here waiting for an oil change...and I just noticed I have a sock hanging out of my shorts leg so that's no good."

But most of the time, they aren't. I listened to a not-so-nice conversation of a woman who's apparently a nurse or caretaker type, maybe for one of your loved ones, complain about Alzheimer's patients who hum and rock and other patients who ask her to get them a drink of water(like maybe she's paid to do that sort of thing). But she couldn't complain because they paid her bills after all. Oh, and these other people, they're just lazy and that's why they're getting so fat, him AND his wife. Clearly, she didn't care about the 12 other people listening. We couldn't miss it because she had to talk pretty loudly to be heard over the showcase showdown. And don't even get me started on the grammar.

Between her and the lady "patting" her baby on the diaper forcefully, loudly, and with a nice intermittent rhythm for a very. long. time. I was wishing I'd picked another day for the oil change. But it's done! And next time, I'm totally bringing head phones. I don't care if I do forget and sing out loud. I think even my caterwaul would be a nice change. And then maybe someone would blog about me...crazy singing headphones lady.

Happy Friday!

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