Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pittsburgh, are you ready?

Headed to Pittsburgh, PA for Quilt Market? Will I see you there?
I was "researching" the town a little (to find out how far I was from shopping if I were to be so inclined even though I usually am not but I will walk miles in the snow to get to a bookstore. I proved it in Salt Lake City. To be fair, I didn't know it would be miles or snowing and I did need a book. I pack more carefully now.) and I ran across sites with "pittsburghese" and now I am very interested to order a "Di-et Co-oke" somewhere just to see whether I'll be able to communicate at all. I'll let you know.
It's a pretty picture, right? I'd probably be all excited about going if I could drive there from here. I really dislike flying. As it is, I'll be excited once I get there. I think.


Laura Holyfield said...

Hey Material Girl!
If you can get there at all, I bet you would TOTALLY love Manchester-Bidwell in Pittsburgh. They have quilts, photography, pottery that were created by students (some of whom are even older than me, I think).
I haven't been there, but I read about it and it sounds amazing.
Check out and click on Manchester Craftsman's Guild.
Oh I hope you get to go there!
Have fun!
LuLu aka Laura

LuLu said...

Material Girl!
You totally need to check out and look at the manchester crafter's guild on their site. they are in Pittsburgh and the quilting, photography, pottery etc. was created by local students. I've not been there, just read about it. Hope you can check it out!!!