Sunday, June 21, 2009

Should come standard around here

I don't have a pool. But I know someone who does. Actually, I'm related to someone who has a pool, but said pool is usually filled to standing room only so I don't spend any time in it. The fewer people around while I'm wearing a swimsuit, the better.
This weekend the normal crowd was out of pocket. Except for me. And my aunt who happens to be entrusted with all keys and codes needed to enter my brother's castle. She had an important job to do (more on that tomorrow), but it didn't keep us from testing the temperature in the pool for a couple of hours (ow, just don't touch my back, Ok?). And if you have to step outside in June around here, you should have a pool for medicinal purposes. It should be a requirement for all homes around here. I spent the drive home on Friday trying to figure out how to get a plastic kiddie pool home from a store, but I failed. This is way better than a kiddie pool. Still, since this is the first time in years that I've managed this, I think I still need a kiddie know, for Darcy and all.

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