Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stupid heat index.

(Sorry, the image barely goes with the post, but you gotta have an image or something, right?)

I was very, very hot yesterday. It started with dressing in a somewhat professional (which means black, for me) ensemble as I had Show and Tell for our sales people yesterday. And then I showed and told and I was hot. And it was all hotness downhill from there: going for a short trip out at lunch, standing over the color copier, just hotness.

And I hated my shoes. And my clothes. And my hair. By the end of the day, I was ready to come out of all of it, but not quite ready to accept the consequences to I toughed it out and stuffed myself in the car to stop-and-go all the way home. I decided I needed to wear fewer clothes from now on. Skirts, but skirts need different shoes, but there's a shoe store on the way home, but it's 100 degrees outside and I'll literally die in the parking lot if I try that, but I might die another day if I don't wear fewer clothes and to do that I need better shoes. So I stopped, bought some cute sandals, and decided to stop in a few doors over at the Target to see what they have in the way of fewer clothes. And by the time I was hot-footing across the parking lot to go home, I was really ready to strip right there in front of God and everyone.

I didn't. But it was a close thing. I'm pretty sure they frown on things like that in Bryant.

Today, now that I have fewer clothes on and have managed not to stir up any wind or heat by moving slowly, I have decided two things.
1. It may be time to relocate. Yesterday was only the first of the worst days, truly the first day we've had with heat indexes announced by helpful radio announcers in a summer that's been not too bad so far, but looking at a calendar fills me with dread. It's a long time until October.
2. I think I have another possible title for my life story. I can't really repeat the others that I can remember here, just in case someone might actually read this post. Sorry. But I do think a good title (for something) might be:

Shoe Shopping in the Sahara.

All I need is a little subtitle or cover copy and I'm set!

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