Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funny how I don't think of this until it's just too late

I just finished reading MJ's post on all the ways death can come upon the unsuspecting single woman in her own home. If I am killed via ambush by my pile of shoes in the bedroom floor in the middle of the night or buried under a leaning pile of t-shirts in my crammed closet, well...OK. I can deal with that.

My thoughts of my untimely demise usually hit me about 20 seconds after I've done something I don't normally do, should never have done, and have told no one I am doing. I had one of those at lunch yesterday. I decided that weather like this is just too rare to waste sitting at my desk any more than I am required to, so I drove up to the Pinnacle Mountain visitor center overlook (approx. 12 minutes from Leisure Arts, in case you wanted to know). And you can park right at the bottom of the path and it's a simple climb on a paved path until you reach some super-easy steps. I like it because you can get good pictures without much effort.

I started panting about three feet onto the path and by the time I made it to the overlook, my legs had seized up so that I sort of collapsed on the bench. And they didn't unseize. And I still had to get all the way back down to the car. And back to my desk. In about 20 minutes, 12-14 of which would be driving time. I didn't make it quite that quickly, mainly because I looked like a drunken bunny rabbit hopping down the stairs with about a 3" rise.

As I sat on that bench at the deserted overlook, gasping for breath and hoping for my legs to get with the program, I had the thought "And no one has any idea I am here." I had my handy, dandy iPhone, complete with the pictures above that I managed to stagger around and get, with GPS marking my position clearly. That should be a great comfort. Of course, if I managed the dial, my only communication would have been very, very, very heavy breathing.

Today I looked to see who my Number 1 contact is...Charles is the lucky person listed first in my contacts. Jean, I don't know why he's in my phone list, but until I get some friends in there that begin with A or B, you might want to warn him that if he gets a call with some heavy breathing on the other end...he should probably alert the authorities. In fact, that might be a good idea even if it isn't me in my final moments stuck somewhere I shouldn't be.

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Mundane Jane said...

I do this too-something that, once it's over, makes you say, "well, that coulda turned out differently."

Tawana made me program a couple of ICE numbers in my phone. That's supposed to stand for In Case of Emergency. I don't know for sure if anyone other than Tawana knows the acronym, though.