Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday stash tote the fourth

So I've mentioned my goal to make all my birthday gifts (except for my family who are not handmade people) from my stash this year. And I had planned to hit every birthday. My streak ended this week. I blame Quilt Market. It couldn't be poor planning on my part.

On the plus side, I only missed it by 3 days. And I managed to hit Boss's Day. Since my sewing is as it is, I purchased a nice gift for Boss's Day. That's the pink square in the middle. I never made any handmade vows for Boss's Day. The pink square is my version of a gift card sleeve because the super famous coffee chain people didn't have any.

I'm not sure about the pink buttons, but they'd be easy to remove. Working from the stash is hard sometimes. This time, I didn't have anything long enough to make the straps like I've been making them. And I only had half yards to work with. And some of these Amy Butler fabrics are directional and I wanted to work in the wrong direction (that really says a lot about my life). I do better when I take my time. I would like to be a perfectionist, but in my sewing life, that's just an unrealistic expectation. I also procrastinate. It's a tough way to go. Repetition should help. We'll see! I have a few more to go!

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