Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mixed results and winners and such

OK, Sunday afternoon here and I have a few things to tidy up. My first ever give away is o-v-e-r. And that's probably a very good thing because I was anxiously viewing the dwindling comments every day and we didn't quite make it to 20. Still, 15 in one week is like...15 times more than I usually get and I'm in a very good mood today (I'll save that for some other post because I'm totally going to need something to say later on this week). Sometimes I think I'm writing for the 7 people who work down the hall. I like them, but I could probably force them into a meeting to listen to my stories. There would be less typing.

Some comments came in from regulars like Regina and Cindy, Brenda and Joan. Some were from new friends like Roselie, Robin, and Theresa. And Susan get bonus points in my "favorite current Leisure Arts coworkers" pool for the comment. Good job!

And because the comments were funny, I'm going to go head and give both fabulous prizes away. That's me, a pushover. #1 is Mary. Yeah, Mary! Mary who like my blog and appreciates book conversation. I remember that you liked Dog On It. That says a lot about you. We should probably be best friends. That might really depend on where you live. Send me an email with your address, and because you're number one, let me know which one you'd like to have: bag o' goodies or books. #2 is Regina. Yeah, Regina! Who knows whether I'll actually get to ask your question of Pioneer Woman, but it can't hurt to try. Email me your address so I can send fabulous prizes your way.

And I especially loved the comment from Theresa N who hoped I would keel over. I appreciate it. I really do. And Roselie who thinks I'm a hoot. I do try. And Robin who understands my joy over the trash can and Cindy who kindly says it's been a while since we've all enjoyed Darcy. This shot is for you. I wanted her to say "Congratulations" but it actually looks more like "What the heck is going on out here and could you keep the noise down?"

Maybe I'll try this again.

Off to go get my camera all set up and try to figure out what to wear to see Pioneer Woman tomorrow. Since it's close to work, it's nowhere near my home. And I don't usually dress cool enough at work to go and see superstars right after. I think the comfortable shoes ruin my chances every time. I suspect some black will be involved anyway.

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JustCindy said...

*waving @ Darcy* Good to see you! I was worried she had traded you for a book. kidding. Cheryl, I read your blog daily and I'm a bit disappointed when you miss. I'll try to do better about commenting.