Monday, December 28, 2009

Car Watch '09/'10

I make snap decisions really well. Things like watching my broken car being put on a tow truck and hauled off cause me to make decisions quickly. And usually I execute the plan to follow through on those decisions with a swiftness that stuns the logical, rational, methodical decision makers I know. It's my system. It has worked for me for nearly 37 years (in January). After all, she who hesitates is stuck sitting in a service area waiting room for days on end. And since there's just me, it's always me with the fun stuff.

This time I tried to do the reasonable thing. Buying a car with Christmas festivities looming just is too much for me, so I decided to tackle Christmas then think about buying a new car this week when I have some time off.  Of course, I couldn't just...stop thinking and planning. I have researched this car, that car, and the other car. I have investigated the best loan rates, cash back, incentives, and all the reviews I could find. I have gotten estimates on my trade in from different places.

And now I am confused.

It was so much easier when my brother pointed me at a car lot, I picked the one there that I liked, and then drove home. Stupid logic. I knew it would get me into a mess in some way.

So today is the day I was going to assemble my armor and go forth unto the car lots. And I am now weary. And thinking that maybe my car will act better now.

Note to self: Just do it next time. Thinking about it just makes the whole process that much worse.

New car? We'll see.

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JustCindy said...

I love driving a new car but I hate the part that leads up to me driving a new vehicle.